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    5 Benefits of CBD Edibles

    There’s a lot to love about edibles—from consistently precise serving sizes to their longer-lasting effects. Many people opt for CBD edibles to support their daily wellness with fewer servings, but are there any health benefits to using CBD edibles over other forms?


    The term “edibles” refers to any food you can ingest that comes pre-infused with cannabinoids like THC or CBD. Name any food or beverage—odds are there’s already a CBD-infused version of it out there. They’re one of the easiest and most familiar ways to enjoy cannabinoids—not to mention they’re usually delicious!

    Edibles work differently than other delivery methods, such as inhalation or sublingual delivery. For an edible CBD product to get to work, it must be metabolized before the cannabinoids in it become bioavailable. More or less, that simply means your body must digest them in the liver before it can use them. The digestion process may transform the cannabinoids and alter their chemical structure, allowing them to remain active within the body for longer.

    However, the digestion process can take a while, depending on a number of factors—the speed of one’s metabolism, weight, and how long it’s been since you last ate. It can take as little as 30 minutes for some to feel the effects of CBD edibles, while it may take up to two hours for others.

    The issues some have with edibles are often rooted in other individuals’ experiences. You may have heard some bad edible stories in the past, but those often occur when impatience gets the best of someone after taking one serving—leading to taking another too soon.¹ That might lead to amplified effects when both servings kick in and could make people feel anxious or paranoid for up to 8 hours.

    When it comes to comparing CBD and THC. CBD edibles are different. Unlike THC, CBD won’t cause you to feel high whatsoever—so there’s virtually no risk of anxiety or paranoia. Most CBD edibles are made with CBD distillate, which removes any other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp oil—leaving behind nothing but pure, flavorless CBD. Some CBD edibles may include THC, but many THC-free options allow us to enjoy the therapeutic potential of CBD without any of the unpleasant side effects.


    There’s a lot to appreciate about the edible format besides the fact it’s an opportunity to enjoy a little treat during your day. We break down the top five potential benefits of CBD edibles below.

    1) Edibles are better for your lungs.

    According to most doctors, you really shouldn’t put anything in your lungs other than good, clean oxygen. Smoking comes with a handful of potential risks—mainly via plant-based carcinogens.² Not to mention, CBD vapes tend to contain propylene glycol or other thinning agents that could produce more carcinogens when heated.³

    Edibles, on the other hand, are just purified CBD oils and foods. They reduce the risk of inhaling carcinogens and help avoid any potential toxins found within inhalable CBD formats—like flower or vape pens. That means less lung irritation and potentially lower risk for respiratory problems down the road.

    2) CBD edibles are portable and discreet.

    There are many ways to enjoy CBD, but many of them aren’t always the most practical. It might not be possible for you to take a CBD vape break every few hours, or it might be uncomfortable to measure out a CBD tincture or smear CBD topicals on your skin in front of others. Thankfully, edibles are one of the most discreet options out there.

    CBD gummiesCBD chocolate, and other edibles look like nothing more than ordinary foods; so nobody is going to bat an eye at you for having a little snack at your desk. One more convenient upside is edibles are incredibly portable and easy to take on the go. Whether you’re trying to get mentally prepared for a long flight or just trying to boost focus at work, CBD edibles go wherever you go without drawing unwanted attention.

    3) Serving sizes are consistent.

    CBD edibles are made and measured using precise recipes, so you always know you’re getting the same serving size each time you enjoy them. Edibles remove a lot of the guesswork when it comes to enjoying CBD, which is a relief for people who don’t have the time to measure out servings from a CBD oil tincture or vape CBD until they feel the desired effects.

    CBD is emulsified with an ingredient in the food that’s being infused. The beauty of CBD edibles is that you can break them into smaller servings and have full control over how much you enjoy at a time. While that involves some eyeball estimates, it’s reassuring to know that splitting 20mg CBD gummies in half will always give you 10mg—instead of not getting any unless you ate the entire thing.

    4) CBD edibles support the entourage effect.

    The entourage effect is a scientific theory that suggests cannabinoids are most effective when taken with other natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant-based chemicals. When CBD oil is used to make edibles, it may work synergistically with the other natural, plant-based chemicals in edibles.

    Terpenes are the chemicals found within every plant on earth responsible for their aroma and flavor—so if you can taste an edible, that means there are terpenes at work. CBD edibles may be inherently stronger than other delivery methods as they can work in synergy with the natural chemicals within the food itself.

    CBD edibles may also be made with full spectrum CBD oil, which contains all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other naturally occurring chemicals within the hemp plant. Those chemicals in harmony with other ingredients in the edibles could make for a boosted entourage effect that might potentially make CBD more effective than when taken on its own.

    5) Edible effects last longer than other delivery methods.

    As mentioned above, CBD edibles have some of the longest-lasting effects available. Edibles have to go through an entirely different process within your body. Unlike smoking or applying CBD topically, CBD in edibles doesn’t really get to work in the body until it’s been metabolized and transformed by the liver.

    Digestion can take up to two hours, but the enzymes in your liver will transform the CBD into a form that is more bioavailable to your body.⁵ This means that you may feel more with less. The digestion process causes a chemical reaction that allows the CBD to last longer within the body. That being said, CBD edibles may linger in your system for up to 12 hours after they kick in.

    You may have to wait a couple of hours to feel them, but you’ll enjoy their effects much longer than you would other methods. Inhaling CBD via smoking or vaping can be felt almost instantly, but the effects peak after about 15 minutes (and may only affect you for up to four hours). Since edibles last longer, you won’t need to take them as much or as often. They also don’t peak until roughly 4 hours in—so you may feel stronger relief for longer than other methods.


    If you’re new to the idea of edibles, don’t be afraid! Nearly all of the edible “horror stories” you hear involved THC. CBD won’t cause you to feel high, so you don’t have to worry about things like anxiety or paranoia.

    However, make sure to keep in mind that some edibles might contain THC in addition to CBD. Always make sure you take CBD edibles that are tested by third-party labs so that you have a certified analysis to confirm there’s no THC in the mix. There are plenty of THC-free edibles out there to enjoy.

    So how do you choose a CBD edible? Well—do you like snacks that are sweet or sour? Maybe you prefer salty over chocolatey? There are so many options to explore that your best bet is to go with the CBD edible that sounds most delectable to you!

    Once you have your CBD edible, consider eating a regular meal before or after taking it.⁶ Eating an edible on an empty stomach can make it kick in faster and, consequently, may lead it to pass through your system faster. While taking an edible on a full stomach might make it take longer to feel the effects, it may offer more sustained relief.

    At the end of the day, remember to start low and take it slow. If you’re unsure how edibles will affect you or what your ideal serving size is, that’s okay. Start off with half of the recommended serving on the label, and wait two hours. (Always wait at least two hours before taking a second CBD edible to rule out any possible discomfort.)

    It helps to keep a journal to track how you feel. You may notice that the half serving isn’t helping you reach the desired effects— from there you can incrementally increase your serving size until you do find what works best. Make sure to keep track of how you feel at each serving so you get a better idea of just how much you need to feel your best.


    Whether you want an edible that’s sweet, sour, or something you can savor—you’ll have options shopping Lazarus Naturals. Our edible offerings provide a variety of mouthwatering flavors and textures—with full spectrum and THC-free options. Each of our products is third-party tested to ensure you’re only getting safe, effective, precisely measured edibles—which will be welcome additions to any daily wellness routine.


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