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    THC Drinks Gift Guide for 420

    Welcome to the 420 Gift Guide 2024, where we explore the latest and most exciting offerings in THC-infused beverages. From refreshing elixirs to bold concoctions, join us as we navigate the world of THC drinks and discover the perfect libations to elevate your 420 celebrations.






    The Brand: Introducing Squared: a pioneering brand revolutionizing cannabis-infused beverages. With proprietary technology, they’ve crafted naturally occurring Hemp Delta-9 THC drinks that promise an unmatched experience. Squared delivers a flawless blend of taste and technology, providing an hour of chill in every can. Explore award-winning flavors and discover the world’s first truly sessionable THC beverage, thanks to their innovative Hydro-Fibers technology. Elevate your senses with Squared – where taste meets technology.

    The Product: Squared brings you a variety of products, from classic Orange Soda to the refreshing Ginger Ale Mixer. Perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers, each beverage undergoes third-party testing for safety, offering peace of mind as you explore THC-infused drinks.

    Gift Here: Squared


    Sip Elixirs

    The Brand: At Sip, they believe in keeping life simple. Their days and nights are filled with things that bring joy, with cannabis ranking high on that list. Their tiny bottles pack a big punch, offering a variety of effects including Party, Chill, Sleep, and their newest Energy elixirs boasting 150mg of caffeine.

    The Product: Each Sip flavor is infused with the highest quality distillate and organically derived terpenes, meticulously crafted to enhance both the flavor of the drink and the desired effect. Additionally, their drinks are meticulously crafted using nanotechnology, ensuring the strongest and fastest results with every Sip.

    Gift Here: Sip Elixirs


    Snapdragon Hemp

    The Brand: Snapdragon Cannabis Co. offers thirst-quenching and highly-elevating cannabis-infused beverages in a rainbow of flavors and varieties. Their federally legal hemp products are lab-tested for consistent potency and quality standards, and they also offer the entire range of cannabis products, like flowers, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and so much more!

    The Product: Potent cannabis-infused beverages never tasted this good. Snapdragon’s RINS9 formula (Rapid Intake Nano-Sonic Delta-9 THC) is a water-soluble infusion that starts working as soon as you start sipping. Experience clean green euphoria with Snapdragon’s cannabis-infused sodas, syrups, frozen Seshees, seltzers, and more coming soon. Lab-tested for quality & potency and federally legal.

    Gift Here: Snapdragon Hemp


    Ablis CBD

    The Brand: Ablis crafts premium, Hemp-infused beverages and essentials designed to elevate active lifestyles. Born from the dreams of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in Bend, Oregon, Ablis champions adventure, wellness, and community through its diverse, high-quality products, empowering individuals to live their best, most balanced lives.

    The Product: Introducing Ablis’s latest innovation: Ablis Ascend. This hemp THC infused Functail is crafted with the same commitment to quality and adventure that defines all Ablis products. Perfect before your favorite outdoor exploration, or creative activity. Elevate your Adventure with Ablis Functails, where wellness meets craft in every sip.

    Gift Here: Ablis CBD



    The Brand: Medizen isn’t just a company; we’re a family passionate about crafting high-quality cannabis solutions. From topical CBD lotions to THC edibles, each product is lovingly made in small batches to ensure optimal taste and efficacy.

    The Product: Introducing NanoNectar by Medizen: The Ultimate THC Rush! Their groundbreaking nanoparticle technology ensures a lightning-fast onset, delivering the sought-after high in minutes rather than hours. With a delectable taste profile devoid of unwanted flavors, each serving of NanoNectar delivers a potent punch of 80mg THC, equivalent to 160 mg-200 mg of traditional products. Furthermore, their state-of-the-art production process guarantees an extended shelf life without any worries of fermentation.

    Gift Here: Medizen

    Kanna CBD

    The Brand: They operate a family-owned and women-owned Indoor Hydroponic hemp grow with two storefronts in Charlotte, NC. Their dedicated team of professionals shares a deep passion for the Cannabis Industry. KANNA is known for setting high standards in customer experience, product quality, and value within the hemp industry.

    The Product: The signature Kanna D9-Infused Mocktails are finally available for online ordering! Curated with love and precision, these drinks were crafted to take one’s THC experience to new heights. With a potent infusion of 100mg Delta-9 THC, these infused Mocktails promise a journey of relaxation and euphoria with every sip.

    Gift Here: Kanna CBD



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