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    Pre Roll Gift Guide for 420

    Hey there, ready to take your 420 game to the next level? Dive into our laid-back gift guide for Pre-Roll lovers, packed with all the essentials and goodies you need to roll up and chill out in style. Let’s make this 420 your best one yet!


    Rose Palms

    The Brand: Rose Palms focuses on Creating a Healthy and all natural way of smoking. We strive to create Innovative products that the industry has never seen before. Why smoke Tobacco when You can smoke a non tobacco Rose Product or all Natural Palm Leaf. Drop the Tobacco and Inhale nature with Rose palms.

    The Product: Are you looking for a unique, slow-burning, all-natural smoking experience? Look no further than Rose Palms – the revolutionary new product that is taking the world by storm. Rose Palms is an innovative way to enjoy the natural flavors of rose petals and herbs, combined with slow-burning technology for a truly enjoyable smoking.

    Gift here: Rose Palms


    All Good Collective

    The Brand: You know what’s better than feelin’ good? Feelin’ ALL GOOD! The feeling of driving a ‘70s Chevy Impala across an open stretch of highway with the top down, and the wind blowing through your hair. That’s All Good. The first time you rode a rollercoaster – All Good. Vibing out at a dance party to your favorite song – All Good. The extra kick in your step when your outfit is on point and you’re really feeling yourself. A good hair day, getting the primo parking spot right out front, bumped to first class for no reason, All Good, All Good, All Good. It’s those sweet small wins that All Good is all about. All Good for you, All Good for all.

    The Product: All Good Collective  is here to elevate the cannabis market, taking the industry (and you) to new and greater heights. Introducing All Good Infused – infused full-flower pre-rolls available in our lineup of five delicious flavors: pineapple, grape, vanilla, blackberry, and menthol. These pack a tasty punch while delivering on an energetic, uplifting smoke, using the very best methods, technology, and ingredients. No shake. No fillers. Just 100% whole buds. Here’s to feelin’ All Good, all the time.

    Gift here: All Good Collective


    Luxe Rolls

    The Brand: Luxe Rolls- Hand rolled luxury packable cones. Made with intention using Raw and Elements paper, glass and wood tips, the only place for luxury and creative packables. Woman owned, brought to you by the Grasshoppa, called one of the “Worlds Best Joint Rollers” by High Times Magazine.

    The Product: Luxe Rolls Classic Glass Cannon-  our premier glass tip hand rolled cannon! Using a sizable premium X style glass tip with Raw Classic paper and hand rolled to perfection. The cannon that truly feels like a boss smoke.

    Gift here: Luxe Rolls


    Al Capone

    The Brand: Al Capone wraps were launched in 2016 following an increasing demand for all-natural tobacco leaf wraps. They quickly took their rightful place as the most premium tobacco leaf used for rolling and all 3 flavors today are on the Top 10 Best Selling Wraps in USA. (MSAi 2023 data)

    The Product: The Al Capone all natural leaf wraps match most of the rollers needs. They come packed in individual pouches, so they are always fresh. They do not have thick veins, and the leaf is stretchy. They come pre-cut to the perfect size and ready to roll, with a self-sealing strip for easy closure. They are the only wrap in the market that has a double leaf. Slow Burning for the perfect smoking experience. Available in 3 flavors: Original, Cognac & Rum.

    Gift here: Al Capone


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