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    420 GIFT GUIDE – 2023

    Shopping for someone who loves weed? Here are all the best stoner gifts including vapes, flowers, accessories, and more. Stock up on all your favorite brands with our curated list of goodies for 420!

    Auxo Vapor

    The Brand: AUXO was born after we saw, heard, and experienced one too many compromises in the vaporization industry when all everyone truly wants is to enjoy their favorite concentrates or dry herbs. With years of research and preparation, AUXO was founded with all of your needs and desires in mind.

    The Product: Encompassed within the crystal-clear, hand-blown borosilicate glass recycler attachment is your very own front row seat to the 360° all-around immersive light show that Cenote puts on.

    Gift Here: Auxo

    Dime Industries

    The Brand: The name Dime has become synonymous with “trusted, safe, and powerful”. We use lab grade metals and glass to ensure the safest cannabis consumption for our users.

    The Product: Say “hello again” to Dime Industries  live resin infused distillate Signature Line in new colored all in one 1000mg devices. This device contacts an ICU chip that instantly heats up the device and a proprietary smart-chip for flavor preservation without overheating. The “zero-waste atomizer” ensures no oil is wasted along with increased air flow for a smooth draw every time producing industry‘s biggest clouds.

    Gift Here: Dime Industries

    Galaxy Treats

    The Brand: Manufactured in the USA, Third-Party Lab Tested and Industrial Hemp Derived we can assure you that quality is a top priority in our galaxy. Delta 8 THC is new to the Industrial Hemp Industry with lots of beneficial research orbiting around it. Delta 8 THC provides that gravitating THC “High” with less paranoia and anxiety that is commonly associated with THC.

    The Product: Get ready to launch with our 25mg Delta 8 THC Gummies. Each Jar of BlueRazz Rocket Moon Babies contains 20 premium-flavored gummies. Give them a try and explore the galaxy of uplifting and motivating feeling that Delta 8 THC has to offer!

    Gift Here: Galaxy Treats

    Hidden Hills

    The Brand: Looking for a brand that’s been making waves in both the fashion and cannabis industries? Look no further than Hidden Hills Club, the rising star that is quickly gaining popularity for both its top-quality clothing and its cannabis products.

    The Product: This Sativa blend is a blend of delicious fruits and lemon zest with a hint of cherry punch. Known for its creative and mood-boosting mellow effects, Lemon Cherry Zkittlez is a must-try for anyone who enjoys breaking out of the norm and shaking things up.

    Gift Here: Hidden Hills

    Pure Hemp CBD

    The Brand: We only work with farmers who avoid harsh chemicals and pesticides. We’ve personally touched the soil where each of our extracts are grown. We refuse to cut costs with cheap fillers or toxic additives. The CBD oil we provide is extracted using a CO2 extraction method.

    The Product: Blueberry flavored relaxation and sleep assistance night time syrup infused with 200 mg of nano-amplified pure isolate CBD and 10 mg of Melatonin. Melatonin infused with hemp extract helps promote a better, restful sleep and helps regulate sleep cycles.

    Gift Here: Pure Hemp

    Good Extracts

    The Brand: High quality, high potency, no cut corners, cannabis motivated, sourced from the most reputable farms in California. Our consistency of quality guarantees an enjoyable experience for the smoker so they always know what to expect from Goo’d products.

    The Product: Our joints are a premium hybrid indoor flower, hand-rolled with love. They’re over 2.5 grams each, so you can enjoy a relaxing, uplifting experience that’ll leave you feeling good all day long.

    Gift Here: Goo’d Extracts


    The Brand: As one of the first – and oldest – brands on the market, Alpine Vapor has a legacy of clean, potent cannabis oils. Pairing cutting-edge technology with the highest quality cannabis oils, we have products to meet your every mood.

    The Product: Granddaddy Purple Disposable Pen delivers a balanced blend of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria, making it one of the most acclaimed indica strains of all time.

    Gift Here: Alpine

    Plant Based Mary Jane

    The Brand: Plant-Based Mary Jane was founded by a mother and daughter duo who are passionate about the benefits of CBD and its potential to improve people’s lives. Plant-Based Mary Jane’s products are made from 100% organic hemp and extracted using a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction process, ensuring that each product is of the highest quality. Their products include CBD tinctures, gummies, and topicals.

    The Product: Plant-Based Mary Jane‘s Full Spectrum CBD infused gummy squares are enriched with 100% natural and organic hemp. Customers rave about the effectiveness of the gummies for reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and easing pain. Let each delicious fruity square take you on your own tropical wellness journey.

    Gift Here: Plant-Based Mary Jane

    Three Spirit

    The Brand: Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish. Combining active plants, our non-alcoholic drinks stimulate the palate, mind and body – before, during and after the party.

    The Product: Introducing you The Get Up/Get Down. Feels: An elixir for energizing and an elixir for unwinding; Tastes: Start with the party starter, wrap up with the dream maker.

    Gift Here: Three Spirit

    Khush Kush

    The Brand: Khush Kush is a family-owned and operated Tier 3 Washington State i502 producer. Founded in 2016 by the Saini family, East Indian immigrants who, upon the ingenuity of their son, Sunny, joined the lottery for a cannabis retail license in 2012 when recreational marijuana was legalized – they didn’t win the retail license. Still, they were awarded a cultivation license, and Khush Kush was born.

    The Product: Tropicana Banana #6. Tropicana X Banana Kush; Hybrid Sativa. Sweet, citrus and tropical flavor profile that will leave uplifted, energetic and focused. Perfect for a gift to your loved ones!

    Gift Here: Khush Kush

    Kind Oasis

    The Brand: The Kind Oasis family includes cannabis-industry leaders, a wellness chef, serial entrepreneurs, and customer service associates who believe in the healing power of hemp and spreading kindness. Ingredients are sourced with exacting standards and 3rd party test for consistency, purity, and legal compliance. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, hemp-derived products for those who need it most.

    The Product: Kind 8 Delta-8 Gummies are here! These delicious assorted gummies have a delicious, fruity chew.  100% vegan, gluten free and made with natural colors and flavors. Each gummy is hand-crafted in small batches in Milwaukee, WI.

    Gift Here: Kind Oasis


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