4 Reasons You Should Vape Marijuana

Vaporizers are the greatest thing to happen to marijuana since the invention of the bong. The vaping process has so many benefits. Before the vaporizer, there were only two main ways to absorb marijuana in the body. This was done by either smoking marijuana, or ingesting it. Vaping is a whole new way to get marijuana in your body. It interacts with your cells differently, and this does some pretty cool stuff.
If you do not have a vaporizer yet, you should really consider it. Maybe this article will help you make the push to buy one. Here are the top reasons to buy a vaporizer.

1. It’s safer

Sure, marijuana has very little negative side effects. But one of the problems that smoking any sort of substance is the accumulation of tar. Tar is in every product that is smoked. You can even get tar in your lungs from a campfire.
If you are a frequent marijuana smoker, and worried about your tar content, you should consider vaping. When vaping marijuana, you are not lighting it. You are using a special form of heat which ignites the bud without a flame. So no tar!

2. It gets you REALLY high

Ok, this should have been number one. When vaping marijuana, you get a much stronger high, and a high that is more immediate. You also don’t need to hold your breath when inhaling because it absorbs much quicker in your lungs than smoke. Without the tar blocking the THC probably.

3. You save so much money.

Vaping is much more cost effective than smoking out of a pipe or rolling a joint. When using a vaporizer, you smoke every last bit of the marijuana bud. You don’t waste any to flames like you would with a
So if you are a frugal pot smoker, and want to make your stash last as long as possible, vaping is definitely for you. You will have to put cash up front for the vaporizer, which is hard to do for someone who likes saving money, but you depending on how much you smoke you can make that money back pretty quickly.

4. Its discreet 

If you don’t want to tell the people around you that you smoke marijuana, or if you want something awesome for concerts or public places, invest in a good vape. Some vaporizers have little to no smell, and do not leave a cloud of smoke. It also does not smell up your clothes like lighting up a bowl does. This is a great option for those who want to smoke in private. Vaporizers also reduce the amount of weed you need to carry around with you since they are more effective, so this is also a plus.

Overall, there are several reasons to buy a vaporizer. If you like all of the benefits, you should consider one. If one of these benefits sounds good to you, still consider it! Some are becoming more affordable as technology improves.

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