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    21 years Jilter (Joint-Filter) – Use it or Quit

    Jilter was founded 2002 by two brothers to develop a roll-your-own filter that reduces the harmful substances without having a negative impact on the desired ingredients, draw behavior and taste. It was very important not to change the ritual and habits of rolling a joint.

    We built 1000 joints with jilter and 1000 joints without jilter (total 2000), which were then tested in a smoke laboratory in a complex test. Thanks to this successful test, we could confirm that Jilter delivers what it promises, that none of the desired effects and taste are filtered out.

    This has resulted in a history that is now more than 20 years old, which has brought us to many interesting places, where we have always been able to win new fans. The many contacts all over the world are a great motivation.

    Focusing on the needs of our customers, ecological products and an in-house value chain that is as holistic as possible are our most important corporate goals. That’s why we created the next JILTER generation – Jilter goes Green. Today, we manufacture the new, 100% biodegradable Jilter from 100% renewable raw materials ourselves.

    Jilter contains no activated charcoal – means increasing your pleasure – a cleaner, smoother and flavor enhancing smoke.

    Jilter prevents tobacco particles from entering your mouth and maintains cleaner and brighter teeth.

    Jilter is designed to be quick, easy and convenient. Attaching a Jilter will compliment your method of rolling a joint.


    Warning: Jilter ® won’t protect your from THC (nor CBD…)

    Jilter – dedicated to quality and convenience.

    Jilter – always focussing on the people’s need.

    Jilter – your health, your pleasure – our goal.

    Make it yours  JILTER


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