Tommy Chong’s 20 for 2020: Vessel

Vessel Brand

Hey, Tommy Chong here back with another 20 for 20. Today we will be reviewing Vessel Brand’s premium 510 thread compatible vape pens and accessories. So whatever your favorite oil is, pop it into one of their devices and you are good to go.

Buying a Vessel vape pen is buying into the whole experience. The development of the Vessel battery focused on improving the experience of the commodity battery that continuously breaks time after time. The Vessel battery hits smoother, lasts longer, feels better in your hand, and is something you are proud to pull out your pocket. And with a single charge lasting up to one week and each device lasting for 300 plus charging cycles, this battery is built to last!


Since their launch in October 2018 they have added the Base charging stand, so when you drop your battery into the magnetic stand, it becomes a showpiece as it charges and ensures your device is always at hand. The charging stand uses Vessel’s proprietary magnetic port so charging is as simple as one click.  In addition, Vessel offers the Rover Carry Case so you can travel, store, and organize your batteries, carts, and accessories in one stylish case. 

Vessel’s ambition is to create the Ultimate Experience – enhancing consumption and enabling lifestyles. There is nothing like it on the market.

Stunning Detail

Vessel features on-trend designs and materials that make every Vessel experience more expressive and personal. Their vape pens come in different, stylish designs – whether you like something simple like black and white in the Vessel Formula or a natural wood finish in Vessel’s Walnut, Blackwood or Beechwood device, Vessel has developed a finish that will catch your eye.

Most Efficient

With the goal of having a battery that has a longer battery life, Vessel batteries work smarter, not harder. Their stunning yet compact battery is perfectly engineered to meet any vaping demand.

Superior Airflow

Try it and feel the difference. Vessel has finely tuned the airflow of their units, engineering their vape pens to deliver a perfect experience each and every time. This is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, real human customer service, and a warranty.

Smart Technology

Vessel features high-grade components arranged precisely, to deliver a simple, effortless, yet powerful consuming experience.

Vessel is powered by a compact 240mAh premium battery and has an optimized power band that helps to deliver a crystal clear taste and experience. They have also integrated Smart Power Management Technology which prevents overuse of your vape pen (8-second draw limit), auto shutdown after 15 minutes of inactivity, and charging cut-off. The smart technology and high standards will provide you with more performance and greater efficiency.


How to get the most out of your Vessel

To get started, turn your Vessel device on with 5 rapid clicks to the main button. You will notice the 3 colored lights illuminate indicating the device has been powered on. Then simply press and hold the main button and begin to inhale. 

To prevent overheating, your Vessel device limits each inhale to 8 seconds. If you exceed the 8-second limit the three colored lights will blink and power will be suspended. Your device also comes with three different power settings. To switch between the different temperature settings, rapidly click the main button three times. You should notice the three lights blink and change color to reflect the power setting.

Cyan ( 2.8V ) is the lowest.

Yellow ( 3.2V ) is medium.

Magenta ( 3.6V ) is the highest.

It’s recommended starting on cyan which is the lowest temperature setting until you find the right setting for you and the oil you are using. To turn off your Vessel device, rapidly click the main button 5 times. If you forget to turn it off don’t worry! Vessel’s were designed with smart technology and will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.


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