Cannabis is divided into two major classifications: Cannabis Sativa & Cannabis Indica. The two offer very different highs
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Half Gram Weed Vape + Huge Dab = Puke – Prohibited Vapor

My mind is blow! Never have i found a vaporizer/dab pen that i have liked for both things. This is completely different than any other device ive trie...
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Sunset Beach Doobies in Jamaica – Coral Cove Resort

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New Cannabis Enthusiasts Gift Guide // 420 Science Club

In part two of our cannabis enthusiast gift guide, we show off a few of the more significant deals we have going for that stoner who is ready to make ...
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The Dangers of Smuggling Weed Across the US

In this scene from WEEDIQUETTE, Krishna meets with David Victorson, legendary smuggler from the 1970s, to understand what real consequences may lie ah...
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Is Cannabis Safe For Kids? | Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo, CEO and co-founder of Harborside Health Center, has been a part of the cannabis industry for over 40 years. To celebrate, he kicks off...
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How To Make Cannabis Infused Chocolate Truffles

Learn How To Make Cannabis Infused Chocolate Truffles with Marijuana Ganache today on Cannabasics #81 Chocoley chocolate
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Macdizzle420 gives the best FJ ever while reviewing the Source Vapes Sig2

Hey guys! Source Vapes sent us a Sig2 so we wanted to share it with ya. This thing is rad, it works as a vape pen as well as an E-nail
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The $200 Black Gold Rolling Tray

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Can You Use Cannabis For Seasonal Allergies?

Can medical marijuana help with season allergies and can cannbis be used during hay fever season to help with sneezing and itching?
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Scott Storch – Blazers Cup 2017 | BREALTV

Legendary producer, Scott Storch, joins Berner on stage to perform a collection of classics for the first time at the Tommy Chong 2017 Blazers Cup in ...
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100K Thank You 1/2 Gram Dab

No I did not do 1/2 Gram dab in 1 go. It took about 3-4 rounds. My throat already felt like it was closing at the end, I can't even imagine doing it a...
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Berner & B Real – Blazers Cup 2017 | BREALTV

Berner & B-Real perform hits off their mixtape collab "The Prescription 1 & 2" at the Tommy Chong 2017 Blazers Cup in San Bernardino, Californ...
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How To Keep Your Stash Safe From Your Kids

How do you keep your marijuana safe from your kids or who do you keep your kids from finding your cannabis medicine? Here are some great tips for stor...
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heeeeeey guys. smoked a joint and showed y'all all my tats. spoiler alert: you almost see my boob. comment your favorite of all my tattoos! thanks for...
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Short Story Long # 78 : Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa was born into a military family constantly moving around but eventually settling in Pittsburgh, PA. Wiz always had the dream of becoming a...
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Chief Keef Gets Real About His Chicago Come-Up

Depending on who’s talking, Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart is either a musical genius, or a dangerous thug.
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